Power Tumble

Power Tumbling is a gymnastic discipline where athletes perform a series of acrobatic skills on a 25-metre long air-track. Power tumbling is a fast, powerful and technical sport that requires an athlete to be strong and flexible mentally and physically.


Power Tumbling in Australia is governed by Gymnastics Australia and has a current competitive framework to allow athletes to progress and reach their highest potential. The competitive framework is a structured level system where athletes can compete in National level 1 (Most basic level) and progress through to National level 10 (Most difficult level). In each level, 2 different passes are competed.


There are usually 3-4 state competitions per year for every level and 1-2 national competitions per year for Level 4 and above. There is a selection process to be entered into an national event like the Australian national gymnastics championships where only the highest achieving athletes from around the state per level get selected to represent.


Each level progressively gets more challenging and requires athletes to perform a harder sequence of skills. Power tumbling is a great way for anyone that loves to flip , cartwheel and fly to build their skill set, confidence and coordination.

Step 1

Email tumble@blitzfcdstudios.com.au to register your interest.

Step 2

Book and attend a come and try/levelling class.

Step 3

After your come and try/levelling class we will confirm via email your competitive level and training details.

Step 4

Respond and confirm your enrolment via email.

Step 5

Once we receive confirmation we will book a time to finalise your enrolment.