Stunt, jump, tumble and dance. Competition and recreational teams. 3yrs-Adult.

Classes are fun, challenging and promote teamwork, a positive attitude and working towards a shared goal.


All Star Cheer
All-Star teams are typically comprised of 5-36 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities. The coaches create a competition routine performed by the group that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dance, and other skills set to music.

We believe that we have solid programs for everyone, from the brand-new beginning athlete to the experienced athlete. All-Star cheerleading is a great way for young athletes to learn new skills while building teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship, and numerous other social skills while making lifelong friendships.


The purpose of CheerStars is is to bridge the gap between recreational and All Star cheerleading. Using a unique CheerStars scorecard, the divisions create an opportunity for gyms, coaches and athletes to participate in competitions without the requirements of a novice or all star routine in terms of difficulty and percentage of athletes performing skills.
CheerStars places emphasis on execution rather than difficulty which is therefore training athletes to be clean and precise
with their movements rather than moving onto new skills before perfecting the skills they currently have.
CheerStars is more affordable and less commitment program to Allstar cheer with less performances, shorter classes and cheaper uniforms


Recreational Programs
We have teams for all commitment levels including non competitive teams that train just once a week. Our recreational cheerleading program is fun, low commitment and stress free! Learn more here