Stunt, jump, tumble and dance. Competition and recreational teams. 3yrs-Adult. Classes are fun, challenging and promote teamwork, a positive attitude and working towards a shared goal.

All Star Cheer
All-Star teams are typically comprised of 5-36 athletes with a variety of skills and abilities. The coaches create a competition routine performed by the group that has elements of tumbling, stunting, jumping, dance, and other skills set to music.

We believe that we have solid programs for everyone, from the brand-new beginning athlete to the experienced athlete. All-Star cheerleading is a great way for young athletes to learn new skills while building teamwork, goal-setting, sportsmanship, and numerous other social skills while making lifelong friendships.

Recreational Programs
We have teams for all commitment levels including non competitive teams that train just once a week. Our recreational cheerleading program is fun, low commitment and stress free! Our recreational program students will perform in our end of year showcase. Recreational cheer classes will combine all of the classes below (Cheer, Tumble, Pom, Jazz, Lyrical, HipHop) to give the athletes a rounded experience of all things cheer! The aim of our recreational programs, is not only to have fun and meet new people, but to learn the basics of all programs and give the athletes the opportunity to see where their passion lies.


CheerSPORT introduces athletes to the super FUN glam world of competitive cheerleading. We take acrobatics, gymnastics, dance and lifts and turn it into a 1min 30 routine. CheerSPORT teams are a great introduction to competitive cheerleading allowing athletes to work their way through Grades 1-6, learn routines and perform at
competitions all while maintaining a balance of fun. Athletes can choose to stay in CheerSPORT and progress through each grade each year or transition to our Allstar Cheer program where their skills will be extended.
CheerSPORT is more affordable and less commitment program to Allstar cheer with less performances, shorter classes, cheaper uniforms and only a 6 monthly commitment.
CheerSPORT classes will only train 1 hour per week regardless of the age group and level.

Stunt Group (Competition)
This routine made up of stunting only is a small group of 4 or 5 athletes. Perfect
for those athletes who want to progress their stunting to the next level.
Expressions of interest will be taken for stunt group, and teams will be formed
with a maximum of one team per level/age group representing Blitz.