All Star Dance

Hip Hop, Jazz, Lyrical, Pom and High Kick.

Dance involves athletes performing a 2 minute and 15 second routine. These routines incorporate dance technique, synchronisation and uniformity, staging and visuals, communication and crowd appeal.

Dance teams consist of 5 or more dancers, range from Tiny to Adult age and are typically 1-2 hours long



The purpose of DanceStars is to bridge the gap between recreational and All Star dance. Using a unique DanceStars scorecard, the divisions create an opportunity for gyms, coaches and athletes to participate in competitions without the requirements of a novice or all star routine in terms of difficulty and percentage of athletes performing skills.
DanceStars places emphasis on execution rather than difficulty which is therefore training athletes to be clean and precise with their movements rather than moving onto new skills before perfecting the skills they currently have. DanceStars classes will only train 45mins per week.


Recreational Dance
Learn about our recreational dance options here


Technique classes
These technique classes will focus on ballet barre and floor work, flexibility and technique. They are crucial to the development of each athlete. These classes are also open to those outside of Lyrical, Jazz and Pom.