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CheerCon Award Winner 2023.

To be chosen by the CheerCon staff out of 80 clubs competing at CheerCon Nationals is an absolute honour! Congratulations Blitz family, you’re amazing! so proud of the way you supported the coaches, the athletes, the Cheercon staff and all the attendees at the 2023 Best of the Best Nationals.


Whether you’re brand new or have experience, Blitz has a place for you! We proudly offer convenient practices, affordable prices, and professional coaching in our professional gym with fully equipped facilities. Most importantly, we strive to have fun, develop strong character, and to make positive impacts that last a lifetime.

Sport gives us a platform to create positive spaces, impactful interactions and lifelong lessons.

Our passion for cheer, dance and fitness runs so deep and we push ourselves every season to improve as coaches.

Learn about Blitz FCD Studios, our staff and our facilities here

Welcome to the family x


Fantastic club, great coaches all the kids love it. Winning club as well.


My daughter’s and I started cheer at Blitz when it started in 2018. The way director handles the club and her athletes is second to none,she puts a lot of blood sweat and tears into keeping her club family friendly, inclusive and low cost. I used to travel 40mins most days for training because of the team of coaches and athletes at Blitz. Blitz gave me the opportunity to be a older aged cheerleader and hip-hop dancer and this gave me a new lease on life. I’ll be forever grateful for her support and encouragement for myself and my daughter’s.


In My 3 Year experience at this club and being a boy, i have had nothing but positive emotion and interaction with my teammates and coaches and the teams and club are welcoming!

How to Join for 2024

Step 1

Email us your requested class, read the information packs and request a trial.

Step 2

When the day arrives, come in and see our lovely admin staff for your booked trial class.

Step 3

Send us an email after your trial class to confirm whether or not you would like to continue.

Step 4

Once a confirmation has been received we will book a time with you to finalise your enrolment.