Learn tumbling skills such as walkovers, roundoffs, handsprings and tucks. Great fun for everyone!

Tumbling is one of the important elements within a cheer routine and is also a fantastic way for children to keep fit, develop amazing body awareness and have fun! Our tumbling classes are divided into levels based on the USASF guidelines for a cheerleading to allow us to work similarly levelled athletes together and streamline drills and progressions. Students will be required to show correct progressions and execute their skills with correct technique before moving onto the next class.
Our classes are also separated into streams to assist with the large crossover we have of both competitive, and recreational developmental athletes we have. Please keep in mind the aim of all classes is to develop the skills of the athlete, each athlete is enrolled with a different goal in mind and this separation ensures we can not only develop each athletes skills, but coach them appropriate to their needs as well. Each athlete will have a skill card which is marked off when a coach is happy with the technique of the skill and it is performed consistently. A great way to track progress and set goals for each individual.

Acro Classes 
Acro classes incorporate elements of gymnastics, balancing, and contortion with safe technique. Students learn Acrobatic and tumbling skills such as rolls, handstands, hand walking, cartwheels and aerials, elbow stands, handsprings, walkovers, and more. These skills are usually executed slowly with grace, creating beautiful bodylines with extension.
Acro is great for dancers! It offers depth and variety to dance routines creating a more versatile dancer. To master Acro/Gymnastics skills, students must develop a good foundation of strength and flexibility, thus emphasis is placed on extensive conditioning and stretch and strength training. When students are learning new skills, the instructor utilises professional spotting techniques to ensure safety and build confidence.