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Programs we offer:
Clubbercise  Kids 7-13 Dance Fitness
Clubbercise Kids 13-18 Dance Fitness
Dance Fitness (style choice Pom, Hip Hop or Jazz)
Pom Dance
Jazz Dance
Hip Hop Dance

We specialise in Pom Dance, and Dance Fitness, however also offer Jazz and Hip Hop! To do these classes we need a large open space where children can move freely. Our programs are great whether you are looking at developing the students technical skills and knowledge, engaging them in the choreographic and creative process, or dancing just to move their bodies. Our dance fitness classes are great fun because the students don’t have to stop, listen, or follow instructions for long periods of time to participate… all they have to do is watch and copy! Our dance fitness classes are 45 minutes of continuous dance (with short drink breaks of course) where students can just get to know their body and engage in movement. We can also choreograph routines for your school concert, or even your entire school concert. What’s that you need someone to choreograph the routines in Wakakirri? We can do this with support from your teaching staff.

Cheerleading is a sport that requires great teamwork and concentration as students are learning to lift and hold each other up in the air. These sessions will test your students teamwork and we can structure cheerleading games and challenges which focus on teamwork, much like Play is The Way. Thin matting or a carpeted area is recommended for these sessions, however if you want the students to be extended and learn more advanced skills, then Acromat matting is required.
For schools who are interested in starting their own competitive scholastic cheerleading programs, we can also run these on behalf of your school. If you would like your staff to manage these programs and are looking for assistance with stunting and competition routines, our coaches can run sessions to develop your teachers skills too!

Cheerleading is one of those sports, where the range of equipment available will change the nature of the program. Depending on what you have available will depend on what we can do for your school. Statics are a basic part of gymnastics that you can do without anything at all, however we extend childrens learning in these by adding levels, other tricks, equipment etc

Are you an independent school? Or even a DECD school with an induction system that can help out our registered teacher?
Why not get our teacher in to run some sessions (1 class at a time), while your staff engage in professional development, catch up or extra NIT time, and PLC’s? DECD Authority to Teach and Teacher Registration Certificate are available to send to you if this is something you are interested in.

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