July School Holiday Programs


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All Day Tumble

A whole day of tumble – join our awesome staff to work drills, skills, conditioning, games, tips and tricks for all things tumble! All levels, ages 5 and up! Please bring a packed lunch, recess and water bottle. We also play movies rated PG. By buying a ticket you are giving permission for us to photograph your child for social media and advertising purposes, and permission for your child to watch a PG rated film.

All Day Cheer

This is an all day program running from 9am-4pm. Athletes are required to bring their own water, lunch and recess. Programs differ from term to term; however, a mixture of cheer, hip hop, tumbling, free time, craft and movie watching is included in the day. Please note that we take photos throughout the day for promotional material used on Facebook, Instagram and notices. We also play movies rated PG. By buying a ticket you are giving permission for us to photograph your child for social media and advertising purposes, and permission for your child to watch a PG rated film. Please bring a packed lunch, recess and water bottle.

All non members need to fill out an online form prior to the evening to ensure we have medical information and emergency contact details.


The following conditions of sale (“Conditions”) will apply to
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  1. Blitz FCD Studios Pty Ltd (ACN 60 618 844 992) and trading as Blitz FCD Studios as the supplier of recreational services, sells all tickets, classes, birthday parties and supplies all recreational services and facilities to you (“Customer”) including, but not limited to trampolining, lessons, use of the climbing equipment, rental and maintenance, the condition, layout, construction, design, maintenance and use of the equipment, the presence of people or objects thereon, the surrounding areas and any other sporting or leisure time pursuits (“Recreational Activities”) in the Blitz FCD Studios venue subject to the following terms outlined in these Conditions.
  2. By attending a birthday party, purchasing a ticket for a class or any event at any Blitz FCD Studios venue, including wearing a wristband supplied by Blitz FCD Studios, accepting a discounted or complimentary pass to a Blitz FCD Studios venue, or by using any of the facilities at any Blitz FCD Studios venue, the Customer agrees to have understood and be bound by these Conditions and that these Conditions are deemed to have been signed by the Customer for the purpose of the exclusion of liability under section 42 of the Fair Trading Act 1987.
  3. Blitz FCD Studios, its staff, management, directors and agents are not liable to the Customer, your dependents or legal representatives for personal injury or death suffered by the Customer whatsoever because the Recreational Activities were not supplied with due care and skill or were not reasonably fit for their purpose or because of the negligence, breach of contract, statute or statutory duty by Blitz FCD Studios.
  4. The Customer acknowledges that the Recreational Activities are dangerous with many inherent risks and hazards and as a consequence personal injury and sometimes death can occur and the Customer assumes and accepts all such risks and hereby waives the right to sue Blitz FCD Studios for any personal injury or death in any way whatsoever caused by or relating to the Customer’s participation in the Recreational Activities.
  5. The Customer acknowledges that Blitz FCD Studios’ Safety policy and rules are available on Blitz FCD Studios’ website. Blitz FCD Studios’ Safety policy and rules also include the rules and warnings displayed at Blitz FCD Studios. The Customer agrees to adhere to the Safety policy and rules and acknowledges that there is significant risk in non-compliance with the Safety policy and rules. Strict adherence to the Safety policy and rules by the Customer is required by Blitz FCD Studios as a term of entry into a Blitz FCD Studios venue.

RISK WARNING: The use of trampolines, tumble/climbing equipment, or any other equipment at any Blitz FCD Studios venue involves a significant risk of Customers suffering personal injury including the possibility of personal injury or death. All Customers who engage in such Recreational Activities do so at their own risk.

Recreational services – exclusion, restriction or modification of rights under the Australian Consumer Law (SA)


The Customer agrees to pay the cost of and authorises Blitz FCD Studios to take all steps it considers reasonably necessary to ensure the protection of his or her welfare in the event of personal injury, including but not limited to the administration of any emergency medical treatment and ambulance transportation.

  1. Children under 3 years of age, or requiring assistance with toileting must have a parent/guardian on site at all times.
  2. Customers must be in good health and free from any adverse medical conditions. For safety reasons, pregnant women, Customers with pre-existing health issues or wearing casts are not permitted any equipment. If unsure please seek medical advice.
  3. While in any Blitz FCD Studios venue you consent to images and video being taken for security or promotional purposes of yourself, your children or of children for whom you are responsible.
  4. Upon entering the Blitz FCD Studios venue you agree to protect and hold safe any of your personal belongings. Blitz FCD Studios is not held in any way responsible for any articles that may be lost or stolen at a Blitz FCD Studios venue.
  5. A deposit is required to secure a party or event booking, and full payment made prior to your visit. The deposit and the full payment made in advance are refundable under the terms of the Party Guidelines.
  6. The Customer must comply with all signs or other directions of Blitz FCD Studios and it may suspend or cancel the Customer’s access to activities at any Blitz FCD Studios venue in its absolute discretion for non-compliance with these Conditions, or for reckless or careless conduct, aggressiveness and any other behaviour deemed to be unsuitable by Blitz FCD Studios. For the avoidance of doubt, no customer is to utilise any Blitz FCD Studios equipment under the influence of alcohol, drugs or any other stimulant.
  7. The Customer acknowledges that smoking, the consumption of alcohol or the use of any unlawful drugs or stimulants at Blitz FCD Studios is strictly forbidden and your participation will not be allowed should a member of staff from Blitz FCD Studios consider that you have undertaken these activities at Blitz FCD Studios, or under the influence of alcohol or unlawful drugs or stimulants.
  8. If you purchase a ticket or book hall hire for the use of the equipment or facilities at Blitz FCD Studios on behalf of another person, you and that other person both agree that you make that purchase as the authorised agent of that other person so that he or she will be bound by these Conditions.
  9. The Customer acknowledges that Blitz FCD Studios bare feet or sneakers must be worn at all times on the equipment and other activity areas.
  10. The Customer acknowledges that external food and drink cannot be consumed within the training areas.

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Event Tickets

All Day Cheer pyjama day 11/7 9am-4pm, Open Gym 13/7 5:30-7:30pm, Tumble Mini Clinic- Handstands/cartwheels/rolls 15/7 9-10am, Tumble Mini Clinic- Beginner Walkovers 15/7 10-11am, Tumble Mini Clinic- Advanced walkovers 15/7 11am-12pm, Tumble Mini Clinic- Handsprings 15/7 12-1pm, Tumble Mini Clinic- Tucks 15/7 1:30-2:30pm, Tumble Mini Clinic- Aerials 15/7 1:15-2pm, Tumble Mini Clinic- Lays/Twists 15/7 2:30-3:30pm, Semi Private – Walkovers 19/7 4-4:45pm, Semi Private – Handsprings 19/7 4:45-5:30pm, Semi Private – Tucks 19/7 5:30-6:15pm, All Day Tumble 21/7 9am-4pm