Corporate Events

Corporate events
We can do a range of events including
– Warm ups for long distance running or other sporting events
– Staff meetings
– Wellbeing workshops

What is Clubbercise?
We create FITNESS PARTIES! and we want everyone to join us!
People can get fit clubbing and we love sharing positivity with the community.
We dance to club anthems from the 90s and present day in a nightclub atmosphere while holding glowsticks.
All the fun of a night out, minus the hangover.


Min 20 people – $19 per person with glowsticks, $15 without
20-50 people – $18 per perspon with glowsticks, $14 without
51-100 people – $17 per person with glowsticks, $13 without

Glowsticks used are official Clubbercise glowsticks and are charged at Factory Prices!!

What you need to provide:
– Power points
– Dark room (if glowsticks being used)
– Stage preffered if possible (small stage blocks are also fine)

What we provide:
– Glowsticks
– Music
– Party lights
– FUN!